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How Your Headshot Makes a Difference

First impressions are important and are made in a fraction of a second.  When people view your website, LinkedIn, or other social media channels, your headshot is key for that first impression.  Whether you're building your career, networking, or promoting your brand, your headshot acts as a visual introduction. Your headshot holds the key to your credibility, influence, and trust.

First Impressions and the Power of Nonverbal Cues:

Research has shown we form impressions of others in less than a second, relying heavily on nonverbal cues like facial expressions and body language. Your headshot, capturing a single moment in time, becomes a snapshot of these cues, silently communicating information about your competence, trustworthiness, and approachability.

Should I Smile: A genuine smile in your headshot can make you appear warm, approachable, and competent.  In your headshot it is best to select to smile or not to smile on how people see you daily.  Go with what you are comfortable doing, as this will help create the best pictures representing you and your brand.

Eye Contact: In your headshot, always look directly at the camera.  People want to have a connection even if it is a picture online.  Having direct eye contact in a headshot suggests confidence, honesty, and engagement.

Open Posture: Just like your mother told you, be sure to stand up straight.  In your headshot, it is important not to do anything that would give the impression of being closed off.  Your photographer will help you with the best poses. An open posture, with relaxed shoulders and uncrossed arms, signifies openness and approachability.

Competence Cues: Subtle cues like appropriate attire, clear focus, and a well-groomed appearance project professionalism and competence.

Context Matters:  When you plan your headshot session, remember that this picture will showcase your personal and professional brand.  The session can be held in a photo studio, or at a location that relates to your profession.  An important thing to keep in mind is to be approachable.

Invest in Quality: Hire a photography professional who specializes in headshots.  These individuals have spent countless hours perfecting the ability to bring out the best in use, and your brand.

Contact M2M Pics Photography at 470-897-0303 or with any questions or to schedule your headshot session.


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